Prefusion Health combines several important biological tests with a high level of patient services. Below is a list of what is available to clients who enroll in our comprehensive health plans.

Services Offered


Dexa Body Composition Testing

  • The most accurate method for body composition analysis trusted by research and elite sports labs.
  • Accurately measure body fat, visceral, lean mass, bone density, and chronic disease in just minutes.

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

  • Measure your body's daily caloric expenditure. Learn if you have a fast or slow metabolism and how to improve it.
  • This is the only way to truly understand your metabolic needs that vary based on genetic, environmental, nutritional, and lifestyle influences.

Comprehensive Blood Work Analysis

  • Our medical team draws blood in-house to test metabolic health and/or nutritional deficiencies.
  • An extensive panel allows our health professionals to provide nutrition and supplement support to optimize internal health status.

Nutritional Plans & Guidance

  • Combining data with the clients goals, our Registered Dietitians will provide you a customized nutrition protocol.
  • Bi-Weekly meetings in-person (or virtual) to help develop a strong nutrition foundation for short & long term health.

Exercise Based Testing

  • VO2 Max Testing will allow us to benchmark cardiovascular capacity during intense exercise, as well as dial in on optimizing fat burning and maintaining muscle during exercise
  • Whether looking to improve conditioning or target fat loss, the VO2 Max is a critical piece of the puzzle

Personalized Fitness Programming

  • Fitness programming designed to improve body composition and health biomarkers assessed via DEXA scan and blood work results.
  • V02 max testing (optional) to benchmark your current endurance capacity as well as personalized heart rate training zones for maximum fat burning potential.

Accountability Coaching

  • An accountability coach assigned to track your progress and help implement your plan.

IV Infusions & IM Shots

  • IV Infusion Therapy (Aminos, Vitamins, Immunity Boosters)
  • IM Shots (Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12)



Our customized approach and connected process creates a clear path towards achieving your goals and provides a long-term sustainable model to better health.